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The Navy never seems to do anything cool. Until now that is. In a show-off move ment to piss off North Korea, our Navy gathered together for the greatest display of power availiable to man: THE PHOTO-OP!

The result? A really cool picture.

(Bonus hilarity points for the helicopter in the background ruining the entire shot)

A phenomenon hard to describe, but which is definitely real. Often in life we run into things that are soul wrenching crappy, but that very fact makes the thing completely awesome. I guess what I'm getting at is pretty hard to understand, mainly because I'm a pretty smart guy and chances are you are not. But here are a couple of examples:

  • Right now I'm listening to "Jump on It" by Sir Mix-a-lot. This will be the fourth time I have heard it in a row. It sucks horribly, but I cannot get it out of my head. The entire song consists of Sir Mix-a-lot (I doubt he is a real knight) yelling the names of random cities and telling them to 'jump on it.' It would be interesting to figure out what 'it' exactly is, but I doubt we will ever know.
  • Horror movies. It is a scientifically accepted fact that 99% of horror movies suck completely. They usually arn't scary, have absolutely no plot, and the acting resembles something I could pull off with stick puppets. That being said, crappy horror movies are one of the greatest forms of entertainment availiable to man. I offer Frankenfish as an example.
  • The Internet. I am convinced the internet can be broken into three equal segments: Porn, Absolute Crap, and everything else. MySpace, Livejournal, and the rest of their seemingly endless clones shit up the internet with horrible design and provide a platform for idiot teens to talk about cutting themselves. Frankly, it makes the rest of us teenagers look bad. But without the bad sections of the internet, not nearly as much creative content would be made just to make fun of it. So it's a net win for us.

Not sure how long this is going to stay online some kind calvin_06.gifsoul has put every Calvin and Hobbes strip that ran during its ten years of activity on a nicely organized website.

Easily one of the best (and funniest) comics ever drawn, I will make great use of this archive. I am (along with some other people) working on an easy way to download all of the images, so keep an eye out for that.

Pope Makes First Papal Visit To Six Flags

EUREKA, MO—Pope Benedict XVI returned to Rome today following a historic, three-day trip to Six Flags St. Louis, the first official papal visit to a major American theme park since Pope Paul VI's Thanksgiving Mass at Wet 'n Wild in August 1966.

"My friends in Christ, as we stand together today among this unusually large weekday crowd, I urge you and your children to exercise the twin virtues of faith and patience, for unto those who wait will come great rewards and monstrous thrills," the pontiff told those in line for the Screamin' Eagle roller coaster.

I am forever reminded of just how much I love The Onion.

Only in Wisconsin

Our state is getting national attention this week, as crazy SS officer turned farmer Ted Junker prepares to open a monument to Hitler in his shed.

"When you know Hitler, he is the greatest guy ever existed. But I don't can change the minds of the people. But what he did-he was the greatest leader ever."

Oh My.


I read a little more into this and I found out:

  • The monument is only 15 minutes from my house!
  • He plans to have a grand opening on June 25. If it doesn't get cancelled with all this press, I might have to scoop in and get some pictures. I will claim I am a reporter or something. Hurrah for Investigative Blogging.

TechCrunch, one of my favorite tech-related blogs, examined in a recent post the magnitude of the MySpace effect. MySpace is quickly becoming the most popular site on the entire internet, beating out Google, MSN, Ebay, and everyone else except Yahoo!, which still holds the number one spot in terms of pageviews, but not by much. The site itself recieves about 30 BILLION pageviews per month, which averages out to about 10,000 pageviews a second. Impressive numbers, but let me make something clear:


It isn't a truly rational hate. MySpace, as it is designed, is a site that simply makes it easier to connect with friends on a scale which has never before been seen in society. It has never been so easy to stay connected with friends, particularly those who live far away. It's a great concept on paper, and it certainly has been a raving sucess.

But it sucks.

Myspace has become the model of what is wrong with the internet. The problem lies not with the creators of MySpace themselves, but with the users who populate the site. MySpace has become a popularity contest, a den of idiotic ideas, and altogether a horrible site to visit for any reason. The friends system has lead to the idea that "More friends=more popularity" and spam and random messages are not uncommon. The open design element means that wonderful white on yellow designs are possible, and the site lacks any sort of uniformity.

-End Rant.